Canada Immigration

Immigrants from all over the world migrate to Canada throughout the year. It is one of the most famous destinations for immigration among people as Canada provides innumerable opportunities for employment, education and living conditions. Immigration to Canada is very popular among Indians. It started with a Punjabi family migrating to Canada. Since then, so many Indian have migrated to Canada and Punjabi has been made the third official language of Canada.

Immigration Benefits

1. Canada is one of the few countries worldwide that offer so many opportunities for its immigrants to work, study and to reside in. The crime rate in Canada is also very less as compared to other countries.

2. Canada is a country which provides free education for children and highly subsidized university education for its citizens.

3. Canada has excellent healthcare facilities and provides best medical services for the family.

4. Canada provides very good living standards with high employment rate.

5. Canada is an economically and politically stable country which provides a stable income to all its citizens so that they can leave a happy life.

6. Although the weather in Canada is cold, but it does not act as a hindrance, as people stay motivated enjoying the snowfalls and ice games.

When you become the citizen of Canada you enjoy the same rights as any other citizen of the country like running in the elections and applying for government jobs. It has been a recent trend with a lot of Indians especially Punjabis and Gujaratis moving to Canada. If you wish to apply for immigration to Canada, then there are a range of immigration programs available both for permanent as well as temporary immigration. Also, most of the immigration programs include the point based system for which one needs to score good points.

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