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United States of America (USA), or the land of infinite opportunities, has been the preferred county for immigration for almost a century now.


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Undoubtly the most powerful nation in the world in terms of military and financial might, The US has fuelled aspiration of people across the world for a long time.

Said to be providing the right opportunities and resources for innovation, US is home to a large community of entrepreneurs and leaders in diverse fields of technology, academics, commerce and management.

Why study in United States of America?

Home to the famed Ivy League schools, The United States is undoubtly the undisputed leader in academics. With the largest share of Nobel Prize winners, universities in the US have an undisputed advantage, being leaders in many areas of technology and research. You may even get a chance to meet, and study from leading scholars in your chosen field. The US is the preferred destination for Indian students because there is already a large Indian diaspora in the country.

Higher educational institutions in the US offer academic excellence, cutting-edge technology and extensive support services for international students, and also generous funding opportunities, which make them the most preferred institutions for higher learning. US universities are consistently at the top of the ladder, with established, high-quality tertiary education system. American universities are recognized globally for their excellence, modern facilities, and top quality teachers.
Almost every second new idea comes out of an American university. That is because American universities are at the forefront of research. Most professors at American universities are authorities in their respective fields. Research work in American universities is funded through either grants from the federal government or reputed multinational corporates so there is no dearth of finances for the deserving candidates.
American universities continuously innovate new courses to keep their leader advantage intact. They offer the most diverse range of higher education options anywhere in the world resulting in students getting an option to choose from a wide range of schools, countless areas of study and specialty degrees. Specialty study courses are available at undergraduate, graduate as well as doctorate level.
On completion of a degree, students are legally authorized to work in the US in the related field for about a year, for which you need to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). Most international students get inducted into the company that hires them during their OPT period by sponsoring their H1-B or work visa. The H1- B work visa is usually granted by employers if they are hiring international students in specialty areas such as software, engineering, accountancy, teaching, science and technology, etc.

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Tuition Fee

American institutions (Universities/Colleges) fall under two major categories:

1. Public (state supported)
2. Private (independent)

The tuition fee differs from one university to other and also varies widely with courses. It can vary from as low as US$ 12,000 a year to US$ 35,000 per annum. Visit institutions' website for exact fees structure.

Living cost

The approximate annual living expenses are US$ 10,000, which include food, accommodation, transportation as well as other daily expenses. However, the expenses may vary depending on lifestyle.

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